The Probate Service is now accepting online applications (no more need for intermediaries)

The Probate Service is now accepting online applications from personal applicants based on the criteria below:

1 applications where up to 4 executors are applying

2 there is an original will available even if the person who died made up to 4 changes to that will (these changes are known as codicils)

3 the person who has died classed England and Wales as their permanent home or intended to return to England and Wales to live permanently.

The online application form will continue to be developed to cover a broader range of probate applications in the future.

What the new online application provides

The new online application form includes:

• a new statement of truth for you to declare that the information provided is correct, which removes the need for you to swear an oath in person

• the function to pay the fee online removing the need to post a cheque to the Probate Service

• a ‘save and return’ function allows you to save and revisit an application if you need to find further information. This allows a part finished application to be saved and completed later.

What is required in order to submit an online application?

The online application form is easier to understand but you will still be required to provide supporting documents as per the current process. These are:

• the original will and two photocopies

• an official copy of the death certificate

• the associated inheritance tax forms and figures

• any other supporting documents relevant to the case (e.g. a renunciation form)

We are looking to enhance this in the future, potentially through links with other departments to gather this information automatically as part of the process.

If you meet the criteria and would like to apply online please contact the HMRC helpline who can provide you with the details.

Telephone: 0300 123 1072

Outside UK: +44 300 123 1072

Opening times:

Monday to Friday: 9am to 5pm

Closed weekends and bank holidays.


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