Good news for those appealing conviction arising from the Magistrates’ Court

The Judicial Appointments Commission (JAC) have worked very hard: 133 new Recorders being appointed & taking office with effect from 4 April 2018. “It is anticipated that more appointments will be announced in the coming months.”

Why is this significant?

Recorders often sit with two Magistrates listening to appeals from the lower court (Magistrates’ Court). Whilst the actual number of appeals from the the Magistrates’ Court is not huge, the impact on the lives of those involved can be enormous. So more Recorders will enable Crown Courts to hear more appeals in less time thereby lessoning the impact on everyone.

Another significant benefit of more Recorders is that, if like me, your memory of events becomes less certain over time. When the delay between incident and court appearance is reduced, more confidence can be placed on the evidence.

Another factor is that the salaried Judiciary hear more complex and longer trials. The duration of those trials can be increased suddenly. Add to that personal emergencies, deaths, holidays, and too few Judges working these longer trials, organising availability (listing) is very difficult and cases may be switched or delayed because there are not enough Judges available. More Recorders means listing will become easier and justice quicker.

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