Hillcrest Children’s Services Limited (a privately owned limited Company is closed by Ofstead.

Following a monitoring visit this privately owned care home was found not be safe. That said, both leaders and managers took urgent action to address the concerns and this means the home is to close temporarily – whilst improvements are made.

At the time of the monitoring visit, two children were living in the home (a maximum of six were permitted).

Inspectors found that the staff do not have the skills and experience to manage children’s behaviour, and incidents escalate because staff do not use effective de- escalation techniques to manage incidents in the home.

Conflict management is not effective and there is no use of restorative practice to improve children’s sense of personal responsibility. As a result, children do not feel safe living in this home, and this is reflected in their escalating behaviour. Sadly, there is more to this report (linked below).

The registered manager has been in post since November 2019 and was only registered with Ofsted on 12 June 2020. The inspection date was 19 August 2020.

Clearlswift action was taken by Ofstead.


Thank you @martinbarrow for bringing our attention to this report.

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