Self care and resilience during Covid-19 | The King’s Fund

“We spoke to Fatima Khan-Shah, Patient Leader and Partnership Lead for the Unpaid Carers Programme, West Yorkshire and Harrogate Health and Care Partnership, about why it’s so important to prioritise self care during the Covid-19 (coronavirus) crisis. — Read on

Unpleasant reading for professionals: Misogyny in the family courts – VictimFocus Blog

A blog that highlights not only how women are being labelled but also how reports of child abuse are being used to undermine the credibility of women. — Read on

Nothing prepares you for being a foster parent during a global pandemic – Metro

@MartinBarrow spotlights a paradox that has arisen in these strange and uncertain times where foster careers, (responsible on behalf of society) for other people’s children, are unable to see their own children or grandchildren. Recipe for future disharmony? — Read on

Hillcrest Children’s Services Limited (a privately owned limited Company is closed by Ofstead.

Following a monitoring visit this privately owned care home was found not be safe. That said, both leaders and managers took urgent action to address the concerns and this means the home is to close temporarily – whilst improvements are made. At the time of the monitoring visit, two children were living in the homeContinue reading “Hillcrest Children’s Services Limited (a privately owned limited Company is closed by Ofstead.”